Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrift Store Treasure Hunt!

I absolutely LOVE shopping at thrift stores! I love it so much, and have found such great deals that I refuse to buy clothes from a regular department store....seriously!  When I can get a designer name piece of clothing for under $5, I will not pay $12 (when it's on sale) at the department store.  Call me crazy, but I am willing to sort through the mess of a thrift store to find a treasure.  I bought all of my family's christmas gifts from thrift stores to prove to them that you can find REALLY cute clothes at cheap prices.  I finally convinced my two sisters of the beauty of thrift stores, and so I promised to take them to my favorite stores to show them how awesome they are!  Today, I took my little sister, Emily to all 3 of my favorite thrift stores.  The first was EcoThrift, then Discovery Shop, and last The Clothesline.  We had SO much fun, and found some great clothes! Oh yeah, and all white tags @ Ecothrift were 50% off, my FAVORITE sale!  Here's my finds:

Flowery top - $1.98 1/2 off... $.99!!

Gray pencil skirt - $2.98 @ 1/2 off - $1.50!!

Green T-shirt - $1.98 @ 1/2 off = $.99!

Purple peacock tee - $3.98 @ 1/2 off = $1.99

Brown slacks for my hubby - $1.98 @ 1/2 off (the cashier thought it was from women's hehe) = $.99

Black swing jacket from The Clothesline $5 @ 40% off = $2.72

A cute A-line black and white skirt from $3.98, white tag so it's 50% off = $1.99!!
And a cute little stuffed chick for $1 @ 1/2 off = $.50!! sum that all up:
 Not to shabby!!! Oh how I LOVE thrift store hunting!!! I can't wait to wear them and post pics of my cute outfits. And if you're wondering, I invented the word frugalicious.  It is my word to describe any great, amazing, cheap, thrilling deal, steal, sale or find.  Today is DEFINITELY a frugalicious day!!

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