Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday is my favorite day of the week!

I haven't been thrifting in awhile, and by awhile I mean a week or two.  I was having thrift withdrawals, so last Friday on my lunch hour at work, I snuck over to my FAVORITE thrift store, Eco Thrift!!!  Thank goodness it is only a few minutes away from work.  I have figured out how the system works.  Every Friday, they switch the color of the tags, and drop prices down.  And which ever color tag has too much surplus, they put that color tag at 50% off!!! So to my great delight, all Men's and Women's clothes with a yellow tag were 50% off!  Boy was I in heaven!  I've never been so anxious to find the color yellow on a piece of clothing.  My excuse for going (because I have plenty of clothes) was that I was going to "shop for my sister's birthday" (coming up on the 4th).  But as what usually happens,
1) I made the mistake of trying on the clothes when I got home
2) They "happen" to fit, and I loved how they looked SO much that
3) I decided to wear a few to church and
4) they all ended up hanging in my closet
So I still need to find clothes for my sister's birthday, but on the bright side, I found some SUPER cute clothes!!

So here are my treasures for the week:

Black and White Bamboo Full Skirt
White tag - full price - but I'll pay full price when it's only $1.98!!!

Black Slacks
Yellow tag - $3.98 half off = $1.98!

Black and White Floral Top
Yellow tag - $1.98 half off = $.99!

This one was bought because I KNEW it would look so cute on my sis...too bad I wore it on Sunday, and totally fell in love with it!  We'll have to do a closet share sometime...

Blue Sweater (It's Banana Republic!!!)
Yellow tag - $3.98 half off = $1.98!

Patterened Dress
Yellow Tag - $9.98 half off = $4.99

I even went over to the Men's section and found a pair of shorts for my husband. (What a good wife I am! It was very hard, but I sacrificed my precious 20 minutes of time and flipped through the Men's section)

Khaki Shorts
Yellow tag - $1.98 half off = $.99!
Overall, I was very happy to find some great clothing (especially designer brands) for 50% off.  Definitely FRUGALICIOUS!

So sorry little sis for stealing all of your birthday clothes.  But don't worry, I found some today for you! And I'll make sure not to try them on, or they just might grow legs and walk into my closet. This is going to be the longest week and half of my life!

My mantra for the next 11 days:  "Must not try on the cute clothes!!! Must not try on Emily's birthday gifts!!!  Don't even put them close to your body!!! (Repeat every 30 minutes, or everytime you walk past the pile of ADORABLE clothes)

My husband wants to start a support group for me - Thrifter's Anonymous. Anyone want to join me? Our first meeting will be at Eco Thrift on Friday, 3pm.  Bring your reusable bags, and CASH! Any takers?

Anyone have any great thrifting trips this week?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Felt 'o Fish I-Spy Bag

So I received a new calling at church, I now teach the Sunbeam class! (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, and think I teach a class about the sun....The children at church have their own classes, called Primary, and the 3 year old class is called Sunbeams. :) )

Being a young, (somewhat) newly married (2 1/2 years), childless woman....I LOVE teaching my Sunbeams!!!  In my life right now, I know that this calling is exactly what I need. 

A quick update so you understand how much this calling means to me...

2 years ago, as of April 4th, I was pregnant with my first child.  My husband and I had only been married for 7 months, and we were surprised and SO excited to be beginning our family!  At about 8 weeks along, we went to hear the heartbeat of our baby, but were shocked and horrified to hear that our baby never developed a heartbeat, and I would soon lose the baby.  I was beyond what any words could ever describe.  I had longed to be a mother, and just my dream was beginning to come true, it was taken away just as quickly.  2 weeks later, on a beautiful April day, I suffered a horrible, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching miscarriage and lost my precious angel baby.  I struggled for a long time to come to terms with my miscarriage, and then with our struggle to get pregnant again.  After many, many, many MANY days, weeks, and now 2 years STILL with no children or pregnancies, I have finally begun to understand the true meaning of "the Lord's time".  I truly believe that things in our lives will happen when it is the right time for them to happen.  I know my Heavenly Father knows me exactly and knows what is best for me.  So as the 2 year anniversary of my miscarriage comes in the next few weeks, I have actually come to accept it and am grateful for the 10 short weeks I was able to carry my angel baby. 

Ok, so that wasn't as quick as I thought it would be....

So you can understand now, that when I was asked to teach (or more like run after) eight 3 year olds for 2 hours each Sunday, I was more than thrilled!!! These 8 sweet Sunbeams have come to be my children for the day.  I love to spoil them with games, snacks and cute crafts to take home!

Last Sunday, our lesson was: "I am Thankful for Fish"  I spent most of my Saturday brainstorming something adorable to make for them, and I finally (all on my own) thought of a cute fish, made of felt and filled with blue "water" gems, shells and rice!  I was so excited and sewed them all, while watching Jimmer and the BYU Basketball Team SMASH Gonzaga.  So here's the adorable little fishies!

First, draw a simple fish shape. As you can see, I started with a small picture and kept making it bigger and bigger.

Then trace and cut out of felt

Then you have two cute felt fishes!

I totally forgot to stop by Joann to buy clear I used my creative brain! I knew I HAD to have something that I could use in the house. I found this old clearview binder that was on it's last leg and thought "PERFECT!!!" I was so proud of myself that I used what I already had, and didn't spend any $$$.
Cut out a square of the clear plastic, then sew a circle around the plastic.

Flip the fish over, and cut into  the circle, and cut close to the stiching (not too close, you don't want to cut the stitches and break the seam).

Put the 2nd fish underneath and sew the two together, making sure to leave an opening on the tail, so you can fill you fish.

As you sew, you can leave as little or as much of a seam on the outside of the fish.  You can always trim the edge afterwards.  Just make sure you sew through both layers-you don't want any holes for the filling to fall out.  (I say this by experience, but I just sewed right over the seam again to reinforce the seam.)

Look how cute! Open up the hole, and get ready to fill!

I found these all at Dollar Tree! I put 2 big blue gems, 4 oval blue gems, 4 light blue gems, and 2 shells in the fish.

Slide the gems and shells into the fish.  Isn't it looking cute?

Then fill the rest of the fish with rice.  You can find cute little beads, or clear pebbles, but I went cheap and had a bag of white rice leftover from making heating bean bags, so I used it! Fill the fish with as much or as little rice and you would like.  Just make sure you have enough room to sew the fish closed.

See! The gems, shells and rice blend together so nicely.

Sew the opening closed.

Voila! Cute little fishie! It's a great way to keep a little one busy.  They can move their fingers around and search for the different gems.

My first 3 red fishies

Since I have 8 Sunbeams, boys and girls, I made a rainbow of different colors.

My school of fish!

I added an eye on the other side, so they really look like a fish.  I just cut out a small circle of felt, and hot glued it on.

And you can't just hand them a cute fish all by itself! So I designed and printed out these cute tags so they could remember out lesson - "I am Thankful for Fish"

I had so much fun with this lesson.  I was even more excited that the kids LOVED their fish! There's nothing better than making a craft and then seeing others enjoy it just as much as you did!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Worst Blogger EVER!

I am seriously the worst blogger.... :( I get SO excited for my new blog and begin, but then life gets in the way, and I get so busy and I realize I haven't posted a new blog in WAY too long!!!

Please forgive me...

Thank you to my 12 followers who haven't UN-followed me in my absense.  I have enjoyed all of your new posts; I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write up a post of my own. 

I can justify my absense, somewhat.  My sister-in-law got married on the 12th - I made her bridesmaids dresses, and with my family and husband, set up, decorated, organized people, dished and served the food (aka feast!), my sis was the photographer AND wedding cake maker, and we cleaned up too!! It was a VERY busy day, but SO worth it all the hard work! My sister-in-law was so BEAUTIFUL and my new brother-in-law was so handsome and very happy to be finally married! It was a wonderful wedding...
And, well, life has just been so busy. 

BUT I have made some cute crafts, and I actually remembered to photograph most of the steps.  So I will be posting them soon!  My favorite was a fish i-spy bag for my 8 little Sunbeams (3-4 year olds) that I teach at church.  I thought of them all on my own, and they came out SSSSSOOOOO adorable!!! I was so very proud of them, and my sunbeams LOVED them, so I was very happy!

Ok, well, I'm off to my Relief Society activity.  We are having a Spring Cleaning/Organizing night with tips and speakers on those topics.  And (this is what I'm MOST excited about) we're having a SWAP NIGHT!!!!! I've wanted to have one for the longest time! So what you do is bring some new or used items (anything from clothes, toys, appliances, accessories etc. you get the point) and you set them out with everyone else's stuff.  And then you get to go SHOPPING and take home whatever you'd like! I am so excited because it's like thrift shopping, but you don't have to spend any money! FREE is the best kind of shopping.  So I'll hopefully take pics or atleast show you my loot that I bring home.

Thanks again for my 12 strong followers.  I really did expect some of you to UN-follow me, so I'm so glad no one did.

Have a happy tuesday evening! 

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