Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday is my favorite day of the week!

I haven't been thrifting in awhile, and by awhile I mean a week or two.  I was having thrift withdrawals, so last Friday on my lunch hour at work, I snuck over to my FAVORITE thrift store, Eco Thrift!!!  Thank goodness it is only a few minutes away from work.  I have figured out how the system works.  Every Friday, they switch the color of the tags, and drop prices down.  And which ever color tag has too much surplus, they put that color tag at 50% off!!! So to my great delight, all Men's and Women's clothes with a yellow tag were 50% off!  Boy was I in heaven!  I've never been so anxious to find the color yellow on a piece of clothing.  My excuse for going (because I have plenty of clothes) was that I was going to "shop for my sister's birthday" (coming up on the 4th).  But as what usually happens,
1) I made the mistake of trying on the clothes when I got home
2) They "happen" to fit, and I loved how they looked SO much that
3) I decided to wear a few to church and
4) they all ended up hanging in my closet
So I still need to find clothes for my sister's birthday, but on the bright side, I found some SUPER cute clothes!!

So here are my treasures for the week:

Black and White Bamboo Full Skirt
White tag - full price - but I'll pay full price when it's only $1.98!!!

Black Slacks
Yellow tag - $3.98 half off = $1.98!

Black and White Floral Top
Yellow tag - $1.98 half off = $.99!

This one was bought because I KNEW it would look so cute on my sis...too bad I wore it on Sunday, and totally fell in love with it!  We'll have to do a closet share sometime...

Blue Sweater (It's Banana Republic!!!)
Yellow tag - $3.98 half off = $1.98!

Patterened Dress
Yellow Tag - $9.98 half off = $4.99

I even went over to the Men's section and found a pair of shorts for my husband. (What a good wife I am! It was very hard, but I sacrificed my precious 20 minutes of time and flipped through the Men's section)

Khaki Shorts
Yellow tag - $1.98 half off = $.99!
Overall, I was very happy to find some great clothing (especially designer brands) for 50% off.  Definitely FRUGALICIOUS!

So sorry little sis for stealing all of your birthday clothes.  But don't worry, I found some today for you! And I'll make sure not to try them on, or they just might grow legs and walk into my closet. This is going to be the longest week and half of my life!

My mantra for the next 11 days:  "Must not try on the cute clothes!!! Must not try on Emily's birthday gifts!!!  Don't even put them close to your body!!! (Repeat every 30 minutes, or everytime you walk past the pile of ADORABLE clothes)

My husband wants to start a support group for me - Thrifter's Anonymous. Anyone want to join me? Our first meeting will be at Eco Thrift on Friday, 3pm.  Bring your reusable bags, and CASH! Any takers?

Anyone have any great thrifting trips this week?



  1. You got those prices at your thrift store?? I definitely need to find better thrift stores! Mine doesn't have things priced nearly that cheap!

    My friend Lissa at always scores great stuff at thrift stores too. =) You guys are genius. =)

  2. I love it! I would so be there if I were closer. But next time I'm in town I'll have to check it out. I LOVE shopping at thrift stores, but the ones I go to here (DI) are way more than those prices. (I like to go to Goodwill in Tyler's hometown, cause it has prices like Eco Thrift)

  3. I love thrift stores! I could wander for hours... I think its fun. I've been wanting to go find some steals and spice up my closet a little.

    Good luck on keeping out of your sister's birthday clothes!! ;)

  4. What great finds! It took me a long time to appreciate thrift stores. I'm slightly OCD. So I had to work hard to get over that, but now I am loving all the goodies I can find for cheap!



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