Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recycled Tin Cans....Endless Possibilities!

I am at it again! My collection of "should go in the recycling bin, but instead is stacked in my sewing room to be recycled into something crafty" is a little smaller now!  I have many boxes, containers and cardboard, but the tin cans now look like this:

I have seen many posts and ideas of covering tin cans, but never had the guts to try it.  Until now!! Tin cans are the perfect material to upcycle, because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and hold onto their new covering fabulously!!

This tutorial is about as easy as recycling/upcycling gets.  Ready?

Take your empty, clean and dry tin can (you don't want your house to smell like rotten food...yuck!!) I chose the magical fruit...BEANS!

 Pick your paper for the outside and inside. Lay the can down and mark where to cut.
 Draw your line all the way across
 Tape, glue, mod podge (whichever you like) the paper to the can. Isn't it cute? I never knew a can of beans could look so cute. :)
 Here's the inside, all stripey!
 Then to cover up, well camoflauge the silver edge, I took my FAVORITE!!! buttons, and hot glued them to the top to make it even cuter.

 See! Much better! I also took some ribbon and glued it around the bottom of the can.
 Isn't it just oozing with cute-ness??
 A perfect holder for pens, pencils, tools, scissors, etc....anything that needs a place to collect!
After making one, I was on a roll and couldn't stop! So I make another with ribbon folded over the top. What do you think?

Thanks to Emily for sending me a link to another recycled organizer using cookie containers.  I'll have to get the link again, and post it for ya'll to see.

Happy Recycling!



  1. That looks great! I also collect junk and make it into craft projects. It's cheep, fun, and makes you feel good cause you are also recycling!

    Born To Be Styled

  2. you should have a facebook link so we can just link you to our pages and people can see this. its adorable and a very creative way to recycle.

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