Thursday, January 27, 2011

Makeover...all by myself!!

So after over a year of having my "new" blog...I have finally written my record-breaking, SECOND post!! I'm about the saddest blogger ever.

But I have been SO inspired by many of my blogs that I follow, and I have finally taken my blog into my own hands, and done something!! I am hoping to keep up-to-date with my blog and post ATLEAST monthly, if not weekly.

A BIG thank you to Clover Lane for helping me to make my awesomely adorable header! She has a GREAT tutorial on how to make your own! Check it out here: http://

Please spread the word and keep following April Showers! Lots of crafty, frugal, freebie, and fashion posts coming soon...

And to my 3 devout followers (which include myself, my sister and Cami from You Seriously Made That?!) THANK YOU!!! I will always remember that you were my first followers when I become famous and have 1,000,000 followers. Ok, maybe not, but I can dream right??!!

Here it goes...



  1. I am sooo looking forward to reading about the April Showers happenings!

  2. Haha! I love the new makeover! It is BEAUTIFUL! I forwarded your site to a friend so she could look at your cute banner :) Uhhhh LOVE the jewelry pictures! Do you have an etsy shop?

  3. Cami...yep, I have an etsy shop. I even had a friend take all the pictures for me. She's an amazing photographer! I just need to get me butt moving and post them and list all my items! I seem to get excited and make stuff, and them never get around to posting them online. The shop is the same name, heatheraprilshowers. I hope to list some stuff soon!! I am so thrilled that you commented on my blog!! I've been following your blog since the beginning-you are one of the blogs that I mentioned that have inspired me to get moving and get this blog rolling! I was so bummed that I didn't win your giveaway. hehe Oh well...maybe next time. I feel a special connection to you too--I'm 6 feet tall, and totally understand about the size 11 shoes thing! Anyways...thanks for the complement!

    Thank Jessica too, can't wait to see the April Showers happenings too!


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