Monday, January 31, 2011

I just love frugal deals!!

Ok, so I found this website called DealPulp and let me tell you, it is AWESOME!! It's like Groopdeals (which is the same thing, but for crafters) which gives a deal from a business to boost their sales, and offer a great deal to new customers. Everyday they post a new frugal deal and today's is pretty sweet! Today's is from a company called thredUP, for just $6, you can get a box of pre-loved kids clothes (about 15 pieces).

Now let me clarify. Yes, I don't have children yet...but I'm a crazy frugalicious diva and have a stash of kids clothes on hand. I am up to 2 boxes of clothes!! haha I figure, I'm preparing in advance for my future children, but it's also great to have a stash on hand for quick gifts. Some people call me crazy, I tell myself I'm just overly prepared. :)

Ok, back to the great deal. (sorry, I got a little sidetracked from sharing my secret) If you sign up at DealPulp for the first time, you get a $5 credit. SO if you buy the box of clothes, it will only cost $1!!!! How awesome is that?! These clothes are pre-loved, but you can pick a specific gender, size or age, so you can buy a very specific type of clothes.

Here's the link to the deal:

If you take advantage of it, enjoy!! I'll post pics of my stash when it gets here. I hope you enjoyed your fun as monday's can be.


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